Saturday, September 25, 2010

This certainly is something new...

So, basically, I'm using this new blog to track all exploits of my new nuzlocke run, as well as keep commentary I may or may not forget to include on my YouTube videos. I'll also be keeping track of other ongoing things, such as my potential panel at a convention in October(?).

A quick note, all nuzlocke videos on my YouTube account will be deleted and I will be starting a new run through a game I have yet to decide on. I may do FireRed, but alas, I am getting bored of that. I refuse to do Emerald again. That shit was nasty.

So yeah, here's the start of my new blog. Look for updates and commentary on my new nuzlocke run through (possibly) FireRed. I look forward to everyone's comments and support through my challenges in the Pokemon world!


  1. hmmm nice idea looking forward to more posts in the future
    laters mate

  2. @bezzare, thanks man. It's nice to have support when you're doing something as difficult as a nuzlocke run.

  3. tl;dr anyway another pokemon blog lol XD

    followin 'n' supportin 'n' fappin bro :)

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